Approaching Sourdough Deliciousness

My bread today is approaching really really yummy.

The ambient temp in the last few days has been 25+C.  Everything happens much faster than normal (for here).  The starter that I took out before bed was double in volume by the next morning and definitely ready to go by 9 am  (normally would only be 50% greater in the same time).

I did the bulk ferment stage  for 4 rather than 6 hours, shaped the breads then let rise 1 hour more and into the refrig for the overnite retarding phase.

These loaves were slightly whiter and lighter than the last few:
800g white bread flour
100g Anita’s Bakers Blend
100g Red Fife
650g water
300g very active starter
20g salt

Here you can see my two lined bannetons and my airtight “proofing box” which conveniently fits in the refrig.