Where Are We

I know it’s out of fashion And a trifle uncool But I can’t help it I’m a romantic fool It’s a habit of mine To watch the sun go down In Echo Valley I watch the sun go down From nine to five I have to spend my time at work My job is very Where Are We

The Age of Raisin

This is my second try at sourdough raisin bread.  The dough is a mix of bread flour and whole wheat.  After the dough was mixed I spread it out  and brushed with melted butter and Kahlua syrup (Kahlua that has been cooked down a bit to thicken).  Then I sprinkled a layer of raisins and The Age of Raisin

All the Way From Brussels!

December and we are still in the garden picking beautiful Brussels Spouts.

Some people like roasting these in the oven. But, forget about them for ten minutes and you’re left with Brussels Cinders.

I like a sort of hybrid steam-roasting in a large covered skillet. I put the sprouts in with a small amount of water and heat on medium high with cover on being careful to stop before the water is gone. Then add some butter and saute until the sprouts get brown and nutty.

Sylvia’s Pickled Carrots

Chopped and boiled, fried or steamed, cooked in soups and stews, carrots are a friend to all, but that is hardly news.

Fall Soup

Tasty fall soup for this bout of colder than necessary weather.  Home made chicken/vegetable stock with Echo Valley squash and potatoes and some just picked kale,  blended with hand blender.  Toasted sourdough croutons/Echo Valley Organics garlic with 24 month Parmigiano and – can’t hurt- a few drops of olive/truffle oil.  Pretty yummy.

Garlic Planting in Winter Garden

Lots of hard work this week planting garlic. Many hands weeding, hoeing, peeling and planting.And now the garlic is bedded down and off to sleep.

Cabbage Town

Findhorn beware! We’re talking about Valley Power!

as freedom is a breakfastfood

Poetry speaks at a subconscious level. Poetry is the REM sleep of civilization. We need it. Print it, read in the bathroom.  In the bath. Put it on a tablet. Read it one parapet at a time.

Newsflash! Summer is Over

Maybe the Echo Valley fall celebration wasn’t the fall fair, but, heck, it was better! Delicious pies, great music, dancing, prizes, and the greatest Zucchini parade and races west of the Rockies. Check out Ron’s awesome video of the event.