And Now To Beds

After seemly endless days of rainy cool weather, sun and warmth got fervent gardeners out in the field with astonishing efficiency and zeal.

All the Way From Brussels!

December and we are still in the garden picking beautiful Brussels Spouts.

Some people like roasting these in the oven. But, forget about them for ten minutes and you’re left with Brussels Cinders.

I like a sort of hybrid steam-roasting in a large covered skillet. I put the sprouts in with a small amount of water and heat on medium high with cover on being careful to stop before the water is gone. Then add some butter and saute until the sprouts get brown and nutty.

Garlic Planting in Winter Garden

Lots of hard work this week planting garlic. Many hands weeding, hoeing, peeling and planting.And now the garlic is bedded down and off to sleep.

Cabbage Town

Findhorn beware! We’re talking about Valley Power!

Winter Garden

Summer is now officially over as the light and dark share the couch equally on this day.  Soon darkness will be arrogantly sprawled out hogging up more and more space every day until poor light is forced into the corner with its knees tucked under its chin. The winter garden has sprung to beautiful green […]

Tomato Max

As everybody knows, only home grown tomatoes have this flavour, even this monster one (Canada Dry included for size comparison). We will miss these when they are gone, but for now we should all get as much vitamin T as we can. [modula id=”780″]   Chicken sandwich on sourdough, garden tomatoes and onions, home made […]

Harvest Time

We will be remembering this warm beautiful time of gorgeous fresh food in the months to come! See some pics here and send more for posting!

Pickle Time

Mark the fermentation master has been generously sharing his expertise to grateful picklers.  Until you taste a crisp fresh REAL pickle the way Mark does it you haven’t tasted the real thing.  Besides being delicious, fermented products like pickles and sauerkraut have many real health benefits for digestion and more. Coming soon!  Pickle and Kraut […]

What’s Up Doc?

Things are humming! Some carrots are being harvested and work is continuing preparing the winter garden. This one is for the National Museum of Carrots in Ottawa. Preparing the soil and adding fertilizer. Taking carrots home!

July is Humming!

The heat is finally here to give a friendly push to the plants at all three locations.  Teams are busy with weeding and watering AND prepping for the winter garden. Bryan brings the winter garden manure. Weeds away! Shhh!  Don’t wake the carrots. Prepping the winter garden. Beans are climbing. Ready for anything, anybody, anytime. […]