Our Story Party-Time

Zucchini Parade

A parade of decorated zucchini on wheels – the more unique, bizarre, outrageous, creative – the better! (but remember your creation must be able to roll, don’t forget the wheels!)
Find a zucchini, attach some wheels, or attach a zucchini to wheels, and then decorate anyway you wish. Please attach a rope or string so you can ‘parade’ your zucchini.
It’s absolutely ridiculous and we all need more silliness in our lives to cultivate the collective imagination.
Ideally everyone! The more the merrier 🙂 
2pm on October 4th at the end of McLennan Drive. 
* If you have any questions, please contact: 
* Jim has plenty of gorgeous zucchini so if you need one for your creation, please contact him at :
* for inspiration google ‘zucchini racer’ 
Please remember that this is a social distancing event, we want everyone in our community to feel safe and welcome.