Our Story Party-Time

Zucchini Parade

A parade of decorated zucchini on wheels – the more unique, bizarre, outrageous, creative – the better! (but remember your creation must be able to roll, don’t forget the wheels!)
Find a zucchini, attach some wheels, or attach a zucchini to wheels, and then decorate anyway you wish. Please attach a rope or string so you can ‘parade’ your zucchini.
It’s absolutely ridiculous and we all need more silliness in our lives to cultivate the collective imagination.
Ideally everyone! The more the merrier 🙂 
2pm on October 4th at the end of McLennan Drive. 
* If you have any questions, please contact: 
* Jim has plenty of gorgeous zucchini so if you need one for your creation, please contact him at :
* for inspiration google ‘zucchini racer’ 
Please remember that this is a social distancing event, we want everyone in our community to feel safe and welcome.


Gala of the Year!!

McLennan Valley Autumn Celebration

**Zucchini Parade, Show, and Race,
**Street Dance, and Pie Eating Autumn Celebration!
Where: End of McLennan Drive in the cul-de-sac
When: Sunday October 4th, 2020 2pm start to 4pm+
All ages, dog friendly, outdoor, protocol safe, FUN event!

Looking forward to celebrating with YOU!
Belinda (Street Dance)
Grace (Street Dance)
Jen (Zucchinis)
Mark (Pies)

More information on the Autumn Celebration

2pm – Welcome – meet at the cult-de-sac at end of McLennan 
2:30 – Zucchini Parade 
3:00 – Pod Street Dance! Be sure to send your favourite dance songs to Belinda before the 1st of October –
3:45 – Pie Contest – ooooooo yum!! 
5:00 – Sharing Food / Fire   
** if you wish, please bring SINGLE SERVING FINGER FOOD, this way we can be FOOD SAFE. 
** please also bring your own dishes, cutlery, and cup. 
If you would like to contribute something to the celebration please let Belinda, Grace, Mark or Jen know. We want to make the event inclusive and fun.

**Some additions so far:**

Jim has offered to grind his stunning colourful corn in his antique corn mill with the kids.

FYI – chairs will be set up around the cult-de-sac for comfort, they will be set up following social distancing protocol. There will also be tables set up if you would like to display something.

Sia’s racer from 2019 – so fun!

Mark Says:

“So I thought I’d Pie(p) in here on the Pie Eating part. Being a pie LOVER ( Who isn’t ) What better way to finish a Zucchini Parade then eating pie. Lots of Pie !! Here’s how it might go. Ron has made this beautiful new wooden table. It’s under their shed roof area. All Pie makers will have their Pies on the Table, and when we are ready to come EAT PIE we’ll walk under the roof and the PEI maker will be standing behind their PIE and serve you onto your own plates. No one touches the PIEs, or the table. You can walk along and taste any PIE you want as long as you’re Socially Distant from the person in front of you. Then take your plate, and pieces of PIE away and ENJOY IT !!! You are welcome to come back for more as long as everyone has had the chance to get in there🍲🍲🍲🍲🍲🍲.
So don’t come thinking that it’s like the Fall Fair where they don’t let you taste all those PIEs. Oh no. You’re going to be eating these beautiful culinary creations.

Until the 4th. Stay healthy. Stay Happy as you can. And dream about PIEs.Ummmmmm…..”

**Check back here for further info!**