April Starts

The harvest of carrots, beets and cabbage from the winter garden is receding in the rear view mirror and energy has been focusing on the new growing season. As ECVG celebrates its third anniversary, the operation is more savvy and efficient than ever, and and our new members bring a wealth of experience and expertise. Southdown Garden has added rows (including fallow rotation) and methods, workflow, scheduling are always being tweaked to accommodate everyone’s needs and preferences.

All the Way From Brussels!

December and we are still in the garden picking beautiful Brussels Spouts.

Some people like roasting these in the oven. But, forget about them for ten minutes and you’re left with Brussels Cinders.

I like a sort of hybrid steam-roasting in a large covered skillet. I put the sprouts in with a small amount of water and heat on medium high with cover on being careful to stop before the water is gone. Then add some butter and saute until the sprouts get brown and nutty.

Sylvia’s Pickled Carrots

Chopped and boiled, fried or steamed, cooked in soups and stews, carrots are a friend to all, but that is hardly news.

Garlic Planting in Winter Garden

Lots of hard work this week planting garlic. Many hands weeding, hoeing, peeling and planting.And now the garlic is bedded down and off to sleep.

Cabbage Town

Findhorn beware! We’re talking about Valley Power!

Winter Garden

Summer is now officially over as the light and dark share the couch equally on this day.  Soon darkness will be arrogantly sprawled out hogging up more and more space every day until poor light is forced into the corner with its knees tucked under its chin. The winter garden has sprung to beautiful green […]

Harvest Time

We will be remembering this warm beautiful time of gorgeous fresh food in the months to come! See some pics here and send more for posting!

Gorgeous Mt Baker In Clean Air

This photo was sent to me from a friend in Metchosin. It tugs at one’s heart to see how beautiful our world is with clean air.  Maybe we will find a way to get this view  pemanently, somehow, sometime.

Don’t Forget Your Survey Awaits

Survey results are rolling in- don’t wait to get yours dont- it might be eaten by slugs if you wait.  Complete yours today!   Max ten minutes, even for a mole.  Just click on the link at the top of this page.  The survey is password protected- you should have received an email with the […]

The Warm Breath of Spring

Another fine day of progress for determined gardeners, enticing the land to yield up some treasures. So much knowledge, experience and will inspires even the humblest mole. These pics are all from the Aquarius Garden because that’s where Mr Mole was. Please send any updates and pics from other projects if available to moley[at]echovalley.ca. Excellent […]