Where Are We

I know it’s out of fashion
And a trifle uncool
But I can’t help it
I’m a romantic fool
It’s a habit of mine
To watch the sun go down
In Echo Valley
I watch the sun go down

From nine to five
I have to spend my time at work
My job is very boring
I’m an office clerk
The only thing that helps me pass the time away
Is knowing I’ll be back in Echo Valley someday

(apologies to Mark Gane, Martha and the Muffins)


Beginning to Feel Alot Like Junuary

ok, this has been altered a bit for effect.  I am just trying to keep my fingers from freezing. For the record, this is not the real forecast just feels like it right now.

Rain is good for gardens, wells, and the forest. Everything is very green.


Gorgeous Mt Baker In Clean Air

This photo was sent to me from a friend in Metchosin.

It tugs at one’s heart to see how beautiful our world is with clean air.  Maybe we will find a way to get this view  pemanently, somehow, sometime.


Don’t Forget Your Survey Awaits

Survey results are rolling in- don’t wait to get yours dont- it might be eaten by slugs if you wait.  Complete yours today!   Max ten minutes, even for a mole.  Just click on the link at the top of this page.  The survey is password protected- you should have received an email with the password.


The Warm Breath of Spring

Another fine day of progress for determined gardeners, enticing the land to yield up some treasures. So much knowledge, experience and will inspires even the humblest mole.

These pics are all from the Aquarius Garden because that’s where Mr Mole was. Please send any updates and pics from other projects if available to moley[at]

Excellent progress at Aquarius. The BIG G greenhouse was set up, tilled and composted. A drainage trench reminiscent of the big one down in Panama was dug and earth was turned.

Magically it begain to rain at 12 noon reminding everybody to head home for their ploughman/woman’s lunch.

As Mr. Mole trudged off home the beautiful words of Gordon Lightfoot floated into consciousness.

Pussywillows cattails soft wind and roses
Rainpools in the woodland water to my knees
Shivering quivering the warm breath of spring
Pussywillows cattails soft winds and roses



You Can Cut It With a Knife

I was sitting on my deck in the afternoon sun and suddenly thought “dang it’s quiet”.

We are super fortunate to live in such a normally quiet place, but now it is even quieter.  Extraordinarily quiet.  The present quiet reminds me of sailing up north around Cortes Island or even further up Johnstone Straight. The extra level of quiet up there seemed to be due to greater distance from the background hum of civilization and fewer aircraft (float planes, turbo props, high altitude jets).  I remember thinking when back on Salt Spring Island that it felt like Manhattan by contrast.

And now we have Quiet Plus right here. Can’t hear any float planes, turbo planes or distant jets, although there must be some.  Vehicle traffic also seems reduced. Enjoy the silence.

Like everyone I am praying for a soft landing ASAP from the calamity of civilization were are experiencing.  But I will miss the quiet.


Potato Head Blues

In celebration of the day- Louis Armstrong’s And His Hot 7 fabulous 1927 recording.


Farmers Market POSTPONED to Tuesday April 21

When the Tuesday market does open it will be following the recommendations from the BC Health guidelines in place at the time regarding COVID-19.  The Province has designated farmers’ markets as an essential service, but has limited them to food and beverage sales, with specific restrictions. They are a place to access food, not for groups to gather.

In the meantime, you can still support our local farmers through their Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA Box program) and through Farm Stands.

Also, the Salt Spring Community Market Society is launching an online food hub to provide Salt Spring residents with the ability to order local food online. This hub can be found at:

The full article and background is here: