In the Garden

July is Humming!

The heat is finally here to give a friendly push to the plants at all three locations.  Teams are busy with weeding and watering AND prepping for the winter garden.

Bryan brings the winter garden manure.

Weeds away!

Shhh!  Don’t wake the carrots.

Prepping the winter garden.

Beans are climbing.

Ready for anything, anybody, anytime.

Southdown truckwash.

2 replies on “July is Humming!”

Thanks for the great images…..

I guess that truck could hold from falling over. It was a HOT DAY !

It’s looking frantastic out there. Soon it will be major harvesting and processing. Pickled vinegar beans for the “Caesars”, and carrots made into Indian Hot Pickles for Winter curries. Oh my. Oh my….
XoX Ox oXoxOXxo Mark E-Mark xo

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