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Kundalini Garden

What a beautiful addition to the neighbourhood!  It is inspiring to see gorgeous new plots like this springing up  in reflection of peoples’ creativity, energy and inspiration.  A joy and wonder to behold.

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This garden is the culmination of 3 years of very slow soil prepping (tarps, straw, manure over existing turf) plus what seemed like a 100 wheelbarrow loads of rocks! COVID-19 sheltering in place was the final instigator to let it finally take birth, both in terms of the time available and the desire for more food security. What a delight to finally make it happen! Joy was added on joy to know that my landmates felt equally enthusiastic about this project – my back would not have managed it without them! We each have our personal growing areas around the outer rim, and then communal areas in the middle sections. Walking the spiral is medicine on its own, just like a labyrinth. The Devas and Elementals are very vibrant here, so just being in the garden is nourishing! With great gratitude for community, co-creation with the seen and unseen realms, and even COVID-19!!

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