Approaching Pizza Perfection

Slowly,  slowly,  Mr. Mole’s Wood Oven Pizza is approaching perfection.  There is always room for improvement but the result is now “entirely satisfactory”- the crust is thin, crisp yet soft with a nice edge.  A small amount of simmered sauce, with some fresh Mozzarella, 24 month aged Parmagean and a bit of Swiss Gruyere for added creamy flavour.  Fresh oregano, sparse addition of very thinly cut zucchini, red pepper, mushroom, onions, and optional Ayrshire bacon.

Mole has concluded that the optimal oven temperature is 550-600F.  With a few rotations the pizza is perfectly done, nicely cooked through with a slight darkening.  He found that when fired up above 600 the pizza cooks too quickly.

Mole is now ready to host Queen Margarita should she be passing this way (and still is a pizza fan).

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