The Age of Raisin

This is my second try at sourdough raisin bread.  The dough is a mix of bread flour and whole wheat.  After the dough was mixed I spread it out  and brushed with melted butter and Kahlua syrup (Kahlua that has been cooked down a bit to thicken).  Then I sprinkled a layer of raisins and cinnamon and rolled in all up for bulk rising.  After four hours I formed the “boules” and let them rise a wile longer in their bannetons.  The bannetons went to their sleeping quarters (a large tightly covered plastic box) and were put outside for a nice long retardation rest.  In the morning the loaves were baked. If only the smell of the buttery-cinnamon bread baking could be made into a spray.

The theory behind layering in the raisins, Kahlua syrup and cinnamon instead of just mixing it together is that the layers will allow the bread to achieve maximum rise when fermenting and that the final bread will have some unevenness with surprise bursts of cinnamon or sweetness here and there.  More experimentation required.

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