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Mole Asks: Packaged Seeds Shelf Life

Mr MoleHow long will seeds bought from a seed supplier (e.g., Wescoast Seeds) last? If you want to purchase say herb seeds to plant in spring, is it ok to buy them now, or better to wait until the new year?  Thanks.

Mole Asks

Mole Asks: Play Sand?

I have read that carrots can keep well if stored in sand. My question: is the sand sold at building supply stores (e.g. Windsor) called “play sand” food safe? It is supposedly clean and pure for sandboxes. Thanks.

Mark Stevens replied:

Dear Mr. Mole.

This is a very interesting question. Very…..
I have used this “Play Sand” for years on the heating table where I start all the young seedlings. It’s comes dry and in large sacks to spread over heating cables for germinating seed starts.
I would have to say that as “play box sand” it would have to be clean and safe for young children to have around them. But I don’t know that for sure.
The quest for clean sand then continues…………