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Mole Asks: Packaged Seeds Shelf Life

Mr MoleHow long will seeds bought from a seed supplier (e.g., Wescoast Seeds) last? If you want to purchase say herb seeds to plant in spring, is it ok to buy them now, or better to wait until the new year?  Thanks.

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Dear Mr. Mole in the hole…

My experience with seeds if stored in a airtight container and in a cool place for storage, I can still most seeds at least three years. The harder the seed casing, the longer they stay viable. For example- Lettuce, Parsnips, Dill needs to be as fresh as possible to germinate. Then seeds like Chard, Beets, and Squash can last a little longer. But the longest storage seeds are Beans, Peas, and the Brassicas like Kale, Cabbage, etc.
Hope this helps. And yes the seeds you buy now are probably similar to the ones sold next season with some exceptions for newer seed stock arriving in the new year.
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