More About Potatoes

In this classicist of all classic cooking programs, Julia does the classic Pommes Anna, using classic clarified butter “don’t be horrified by the amount we are using- we drain out two thirds at the end.”  This was pretty exotic cooking for February 19, 1966 when this show aired.   I’d gladly eat some Pommes Anna today.

Julie seemed to be able to cook amazing stuff on a simple electric stove using a big old cast iron skillet in those days. Maybe a $25k stove and a $400 frypan isn’t strictly speaking necessary?

According to wikiknowitall “The show was done live-to-videotape from start to finish, leaving little room for mistakes. The resulting occasional accidents became a popular trademark of Child’s on air presence, used as “teachable moments” to encourage viewers to relax about the task’s demands.” One of these moments happened in this show when the top of Julia’s Pommes Anna failed to come out with the bottom in the final presentation.

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