Fall Soup

Tasty fall soup for this bout of colder than necessary weather.  Home made chicken/vegetable stock with Echo Valley squash and potatoes and some just picked kale,  blended with hand blender.  Toasted sourdough croutons/Echo Valley Organics garlic with 24 month Parmigiano and – can’t hurt- a few drops of olive/truffle oil.  Pretty yummy.

Sourdough Times

Breadcraft is coming along.  Experience has led me to some definite guidelines:  Starter must be strong, i.e. recently fed. What seems to work well is to feed about 50g of refrigerated starter in the evening with 100-125 g flour (mix white and whole wheat and or rye) and similar amount water.  Let sit at kitchen […]

A Tale of Three Starters

Here are three starters in the morning after they had been fed the night before. The elastic band indicates the level before feeding. The first two on the left show more vigorous growth, with the middle one the most. It was all white flour, the other ones were 1/2 wheat 1/2 rye. The two on […]