The Warm Breath of Spring

Another fine day of progress for determined gardeners, enticing the land to yield up some treasures. So much knowledge, experience and will inspires even the humblest mole.

These pics are all from the Aquarius Garden because that’s where Mr Mole was. Please send any updates and pics from other projects if available to moley[at]

Excellent progress at Aquarius. The BIG G greenhouse was set up, tilled and composted. A drainage trench reminiscent of the big one down in Panama was dug and earth was turned.

Magically it begain to rain at 12 noon reminding everybody to head home for their ploughman/woman’s lunch.

As Mr. Mole trudged off home the beautiful words of Gordon Lightfoot floated into consciousness.

Pussywillows cattails soft wind and roses
Rainpools in the woodland water to my knees
Shivering quivering the warm breath of spring
Pussywillows cattails soft winds and roses