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Contact Mr. Mole your humble webmaster for an ID on the Echo Valley website and start sharing info today! 

The categorization system in WordPress can be very useful to create a repository of info. Lets say you post in the Gardening category, it will then be possible to peruse all gardening posts by clicking on the Gardening menu item. Posts can also be pulled up by author. And posts can be “tagged” so that it will be possible to pull up all posts that deal with fertilizer for example (most of Mr. Mole’s posts actually).

So contact your webmaster for a user id and start sharing info.

Also, please suggest categories of info that you think should be on this website. Note that posts are only one form of info we can have – there can also be more fixed sections where useful info resides permanently.

WordPress has endless extendability, being open source software. I am looking now at a calendar scheduling function for people interested in shared gardening projects.

Also to note that it is possible to embed other functions into this site. For example the nifty ride sharing google calendar. Embedding is simply a way of accessing something from this site- it still resides and is accessible where it was created. Similarly YouTube videos or adio files can be placed in a post or elsewhere and will run seamlessly on this site.

This website is not intended to supplant any existing lines of communication. Rather is can be an on line meetings place for sharing info and a repository of useful data and functions. As noted above other tools can be embed here for easy of access.

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  1. Gosh this is pretty amazing. Does Mr. Badger know about all this? He is so reclusive he probably won’t be interested. And ratty? No. Boats boats boats that’s all he thinks about, especially at this time of year. But I’ll learn him differernt. Or is that teach him? Mr Toad? Probably too complicated for him, he’s more likely a Twitter chap.

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