You Can Cut It With a Knife

I was sitting on my deck in the afternoon sun and suddenly thought “dang it’s quiet”.

We are super fortunate to live in such a normally quiet place, but now it is even quieter.  Extraordinarily quiet.  The present quiet reminds me of sailing up north around Cortes Island or even further up Johnstone Straight. The extra level of quiet up there seemed to be due to greater distance from the background hum of civilization and fewer aircraft (float planes, turbo props, high altitude jets).  I remember thinking when back on Salt Spring Island that it felt like Manhattan by contrast.

And now we have Quiet Plus right here. Can’t hear any float planes, turbo planes or distant jets, although there must be some.  Vehicle traffic also seems reduced. Enjoy the silence.

Like everyone I am praying for a soft landing ASAP from the calamity of civilization were are experiencing.  But I will miss the quiet.